When a Handshake Is Better than a Hug…


Remember when the parents of your friends finally met YOUR parents? There was always that awkward moment of silence leading up to the scheduled meeting. You would make a promise to some “higher” being that you would be an angel if dad didn’t embarrass you.  You really hoped mom wouldn’t chortle or snort when she laughed.

Now re-imagine that moment with starched white collars tied up tight and a history of pending nuclear strikes.  Today was the global version of real life.  It wasn’t like we thought anything bad would happen. We didn’t believe that a fist-fight or slap-fest was going down. But, to be honest, jaws dropped a little when we heard that Obama and Castro were shaking things up.

Things have been heated between Obama and the other Americas, without him intending it. He’s on pretty good terms with the Colombian president, Juan Manual Santos. They are a package deal on cooling of those drug cartels. He’s in even water with the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, ’cause they share NAFTA and cellphone providers or something. Other than that, he has been a Debbie Downer for most other countries. Not really supportive, you know?

And then, in the 2012 Summit of the Americas, Cuba wasn’t even invited. All the other countries in Latin America  were like: “ummm, Cuba is kinda cool. It tried to stick up to the in-your-face-Capitalism that Eisenhower, then Kennedy were players to. It was re revolutionary.” (Re is South American slang for “really”)

Can’t turn your back on your home boy.

All the other countries still met the U.S. in 2012 in Colombia, but they were pretty sketched out that Cuba didn’t show up to the party. Then, things got a little awkward.

Obama was like: “well, you know. My country and Cuba, they have some history.”

We know.

Anyways, it was pretty momentous today when Obama stated that he wasn’t interested in drawing out battles that happened before he was even born.

Fair. But, if you are thinking of letting those direct flights from New York to Havana happen, you may want to take Cuba off the “Supports Terrorism” list.

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