Tonight, the party leaders will be meeting to discuss all things that are country, and we aren’t talking jamborees.

Who and what?

Defending champion Stephen Harper with perfectly coiffed hair. Born and raised in Toronto, dropped out of university to venture West. Landed in the mail room at Imperial Oil, took up his studies, taught, became a member of right-wing parties and Bob’s your uncle, he’s PM. Doesn’t matter, what matters is what he and his party believe in.

1. Sure you have seen the #NoNetflixTax around social media? Harper is fervently fighting this pressing battle of an online streaming tax. The people have a right to “show binge”.

2. A permanent home renovation tax credit for the small percentage that, after receiving a large loan, still seem to have enough money to remodel the bathroom. The point he is really trying to drive home is that his government doesn’t need your tax money…

3. … until they need funding to increase our security against terrorist threats and supply Ukraine with some sort of backup for its pillow fight with Putin.

New to the ring is Justin Trudeau of the opposition. He’s young, good looking and ready for real change. He’s appealing to the middle class, which last time I checked, was the working class. Aren’t we all? His campaign is effectively lack lustre and I got bored writing about it by the end.

1. The Canada Child Benefit will be some sort of compensation for families up to $500 per kid. That sounds pretty rosy and cheerful and something I can’t really refute.

2. Transparency like the emperor’s new clothes, except we are all the emperors walking around in our underwear and the government will keep us under veil anyways.

3.  A new Senate. We will see what the Senate thinks about that, especially since Justin removed all his boys from the house.

4. Protecting wildlife, rivers, mountains streams, etc.  Show me!

5. Improving ties with big bro down south. We’ll see how Justin fairs with Republicans. In time.

Also new to the ring, Tom Mulcair of the NDP. He has a feisty reputation and is actually gaining a lot of support which is surprising for the NDP in general.  He’s of French-Irish-Canadian decent, born and raised in the Valley. Once a Liberal, then welcomed by Jack Layton to become an Agent Orange.

1. Middle-class families (also). He wants to create jobs and lower the small business tax to incentivize the economy. This 2% cut could make a world of difference (if your small business is making at least $100,000 per year…)

2. 1 million! Childcare spaces, that is. With a cap at $15 per day. So if 10 kids are dropped off to that childcare facility every business day for 50 weeks of the year, that small business will save $750 for the year.

3. Protecting the environment. He will kickstart renewable energy production. (It’s not an old car. Just do it already.)

4. Better Transit Plan. Does this include reducing the ridiculous landing fees at our international airports? The ones that make us the laughing stock of the international travel community?

5. Honestly, the list goes on. For a four year term…

And Elizabeth comes out swinging! Miss May of the Green Party is returning once again to enlighten us from Sidney, BC (though born in Hartford, Connecticut). She has been an environmental activist since 1970, which goes to show you we have had climate issues for some time.

1. Surprisingly, her platform is pretty green. She wants to introduce carbon pricing to make big corporations go green. Help local businesses go green. And then help apprentices in the trades. Maybe that could be green, too.

2. Taxes. Eliminate them for the less than $20,000 (that didn’t happen already?) and have a Green Tax for wasters. I wonder if her party has any funding…

3. Help small businesses. 92% of agricultural exports are from “small business” farms. I want to see the cost analysis of waste from these “quaint” facilities. How much would they pay in Green Tax?

4. Re-invest in the national rail system. Because green is a romantic colour.

Here’s something I want to hear about at this cute debate:

Tell us about the pursuit of free education in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that was put into effect in 1976. Have these terms been met? You made them 50 years ago.



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