We wanted to take a day trip, maybe two. Between planning meet-ups with a large family and group of friends, we figured it would be easy to pop to a historic town or visually stunning scene. Problem is, Ireland is drowning.
ireland flood

Frank is the second storm in one month that has hit the Emerald Isle and it ain’t pretty. With over 4,500 people out of electricity and water levels rising, many residents and businesses are worried about life post-Frank.

Storm Desmond, the first of the storms, formed on December 3 and dissipated 5 days later. Although the upper UK was the worst affected, the people in Ireland have been struggling to regain control of some pretty nasty after-effects. And, of course with the usual Irish humour, many were “taking the piss” of the soggy weather front.

Highlights of the storm even helped one weather-woman’s live forecast go viral.

RTE's Teresa Mannion
RTE’s Teresa Mannion

With counties still reeling from the floods, good ol’ Frank decided to drop in for a good ol’ time with up to 120 kilometre winds and over 130mm of rain in the south. Nearby counties to Dublin are practically submerged and even the midland County of Tipperary is seeing some incredible sportsmanship out of the tragedy:

Been real irish about things 󾟚🏻

Posted by Oisin Harding on Monday, December 28, 2015

Needless to say, planning a day trip in and around Ireland has been somewhat of a challenge. Even to the east, in Wicklow, residents remain out of power.

Looks like the next week will be quite restful with a pint of Guinness in hand at the local pub.

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