This just in: Palin endorses Trump. That doesn’t come as a surprise.

Let me just take a minute to shudder in despair for humanity. And it isn’t for the reasons that you might think, as in this:

Palin's got a gun.
Palin’s got a gun.


or, this:

Trump's has a book
Trump has a book.












I am concerned about what makes up good politics today. Apparently, it is the gun-toting, Bible-thumping goodness that comes straight out of ‘Murica.

If I ever doubted the demise of the United States, I don’t doubt it now. Watching this endorsement is exactly why everyone around the world is not very fond of the loud, obnoxious, self-righteous home-of-the-free. Or, at least the idea of it. If the world was a party, the USA would be “that guy” and we all know who “that guy” is.

Let’s break down why this endorsement speech was so horrific:

In Palin’s opening sentence of her rally-cry, she specifically highlights that Trump isn’t a politician, but hailing from the private sector. Fair enough. Professional politicians aren’t the most moral, straight-and-narrow types, but Trump’s record as a business man is no grounds for martyrdom. And, to be tactful, there’s no need to go into detail of Trumps trials and tribulations as a tycoon.

Sarah Palin, formerly known as Governor of Alaska and vice president candidate circa 2008, now runs her own online channel described as a “community” for subscribers to post footage and ask questions. Sounds riveting.

With all that lime light, you would think that her endorsement of the Don would be a little more fluid:

The idea of having Trump as a commander-in-chief brings about that familiar shudder I felt before, like an eel has slipped along my spine. Could you imagine a worse leader in a time of war?

What’s most disturbing about this image is these “modern” and “evolved” politicians are armed with guns and religion perpetuating some subatomic whoop-ass on the Middle East. It’s archaic, barbaric and actually a little heartbreaking to any deep-down-optimist.

Is this the face of our generation’s politics? Where we watch live drama so real and so heinous that even SNL skits could not do justice to its outrageousness? I feel like I am watching an episode of The Flintstones, and even that program was able to rationally deal with modern challenges to social norms.

Meet the Flintstones.
Meet the Flintstones.

Let’s end it with this: Evolution, evolving as a species, for me, is moving forward. Away from neolithic practices of weaponry and false idols that placate our fears.

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