She’s gone ahead and done it again. First Lady, Michelle Obama, has inspired the Democratic masses. This time she urges them to choose a brighter future for children all over the United States. She believes the only way the kids will be alright is if there is a strong, female leader sitting in the White House to inspire greatness.

Mrs Obama put in a heart-melting opening passage of what it’s like to raise two girls in the White House — as she emotionally reminded us “was built by slaves” — and the struggles of explaining the opposition’s criticisms of the girls’ father, Mr President.


Her love and devotion for her family is felt throughout the video clip. It resonates in her official declaration of: “I’m with her.”

Hillary has been officially endorsed by Mrs Obama.

Considering Mrs Clinton decided to choose a more traditional VP, Tim Kaine, the power of having Michelle behind her could save her the presidential election. Using emotionally evocative words, Michelle Obama could sway the nation.

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