An Informal Introduction

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the informal press

Helping you stay informed.

Welcome, friends.

By now you have seen the trickles of articles and social posts that reflect this publication. Allow us to make an informal introduction:

Since 2009, this project has experienced a lot of changes but has remained fiercely independent. The reason is freedom comes with independence, meaning we are able to have better and deeper conversations about the topics on hand. We may partner up with brands, businesses and groups that reflect the publication’s values, but we remain separate from corporate or political influence. Being independent means we can remain nonpartisan.

The site’s main purpose is to help you stay informed on current events (because, let’s face it, the news and politics can be downright confusing), travel (because life goes beyond all-inclusive resorts and all-expense paid excursions), health (because there is a divide between natural medicine and pharmaceutical companies and a lot of grey in-between), and lifestyle (because there are so many more options than settling for big brands and the suburbs).

Eventually, we’d like to add more categories for you to read up on, especially in the area of technology and cryptocurrency. But for now these are the parts of life that we want to help you stay informed about. If you ever have any questions, hit us up. We’d love trying to hear what you have to say.